The week of 8/24 to 8/30 at the Rio Rita!

Hey kids! Another busy week of fun at the Rita. This week breaks down like this:

Join us this Sunday for Brunch. We’ll bring the migas, hash browns and bacon, delicious bacon! You bring the fun and friends. Starts at 1:00 and goes until the food runs out.

The Monday Record Player Party, everyone brings their favorite 45s and then kicks back and enjoys the mix that rises up.   Sign up at 8, music at 9.

On Tuesday the Irish and Old Timey Music Collective meets at 8; rocks the house like it’s 1899.

We are very excited to present a new feature at the Rio Rita. This Wednesday the 30th will be the very first, and very special Milk and Cookies with David Williams at 9. This week his special guest will be the one and only David Williams. We will get a bus rental so the entire work force can travel out to see his business.

Thursday we have the weekly meeting of Arts and Drafts. Drinking, knitting, crafting, metal work, sketching and great conversation. Every art, craft or drink choice encouraged.  Starts at 7. Also, keep an eye on the bob 2016 revolution flex stroller raffle we will be doing, one lucky family will be taking it home to their kids.