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Biggest Gambling Losses of All Time

Nobody likes losing, but it is something we have all experienced in our lives. Whether it is a casino online Malaysia sports game, a competition or a challenge, losing can make you feel dreadful.

But when a high roller loses, those closest to him, and pretty much everybody else, sits back and says to themselves “How can they lose so much money, and seem so nonchalant about the whole ordeal?”

Therefore, we have brought you the most significant in trusted online casino Malaysia gambling losses of all time in this mmc996 list.

  1. Steve Richards lost £30,000 on one game of rugby – Steve Richards, a 56-year-old-roofing contractor, had a passion for betting. Despite his love for betting, Steve won only small bets. On the day, Steve bet £10, and with the odds against him, he successfully guessed the results of 12 rugby matches. As a result, Steve took home £38,970. However, Steve was not delighted with his winnings. Less than a week later, Steve bet £30,000 on one rugby match. Unfortunately for Steve, he lost £30,000.
  2. Mark Johnston lost $500,000 at a Las Vegas casino in one weekend– Nevada law bars casinos from allowing players who are too intoxicated to gamble. Mark Johnston, a 52-year-old businessman, was in Vegas during a weekend and he lost $500,000 on table games. Johnston argued that he was blackout drunk and he should not have to pay the fee. According to him, the casino continued to serve him alcohol even though he was unable to see his cards. His legal team is looking into eyewitness accounts and security camera footage to try and find evidence of his noticeable intoxication.
  3. Bruno Venturi lost all his earnings because of a software bug Bruno Venturi, a 41-year-old from Naples, Italy lost £650,000 in a matter of seconds. It started with Bruno turning £17 into £650,000 in three and a half hours on the website Eurobet UK. However, the gambling company refused to pay Bruno his winnings. The site believes that Bruno’s claim is void because of a software bug that only charged him for one in six of his bets. The judge ruled in favour of Eurobet. Moreover, Eurobet fixed the software bug, and Bruno Venturi actually lost £59,908 during those three and a half hour gambling binge.
  4. Terrance Watanabe lost around $127 Million in a year– Terrance Watanabe is a businessman that inherited a small fortune from his father and is now the CEO of a company his father started in the 1930s, the Oriental Trading Company. Terrance entered the limelight after he revealed that he lost about $127 Million in 2007 in Las Vegas. Casino employees revealed that Terrance often gambled for 24 hours, and lost around $5 Million in a single day.

How to Talk About Different Types of Beer Like a Pro

Staying sober always is one way of dealing with the lack of knowledge in boozes, while to get going with the constant talks about alcohol is a whole another level of skill. Beer running abundantly in the brewery to feed the tummies is the dream every fan of beer likes to build for themselves. Being an occasional drinker does not supply you with information regarding beer which stems to several brands.

From the small list of options for beer, the menu has grown to become a perpetuating piece of printed paper. Be it the taste or the designs of the bottle 3win2u Malaysia, each beer comes into the market with some appealing quality added to it as to stand out in the cluster. One of the major differences between types of beer is the yeast used to ferment the drink. Depending on its fermentation, beer is classified into lager and ale. Yeast in ales ferments at a warmer temperature and takes the top portion of the beer to be settled. Cooler temperatures are perfect for the yeast to ferment for lagers, in which the yeast settles at the bottom of the beer and takes longer for this process to get completed. Here is a brief tour through the concepts of beer and its styles to feed you with information as to sound like a pro slot game online Malaysia.



Every new drinker would get introduced to beers through lagers. The drink with bottom-fermenting yeast that tastes light and malty is the typical threshold to the habit of drinking for most of the newbies. Miller High Life, Budweiser, Yuengling, and Coors are the most common lagers that have been ruling the stores for the past few centuries.


India Pale Ales have their brewed fizzy drinks as a mixture of hops and herbal, fruity or citrus nectars. The ale is most commonly known for its bitter taste an high alcohol levels, most of which is extracted out of the hops used. While some IPAs taste like pure citrus, others are quite bitter and strong.


West Coast IPA, New England Style IPA, and British IPA are the most prominent IPA styles. The New England IPAs have a fruity flavor to it with low bitterness, and the British style is bitter and maltier. The West Coast IPAs stand at a perfectly balanced state with a tinge of bitterness and fruitness to eliminate the overpowering of any particular flavor. Your tastebuds decide the best IPA style for you by getting used to one specific brand for the comfort it lends to your body. Craft beer is a whole another world which needs to be explored starting with IPAs says most of the professionals.

Pale Ale

IPAs are different from the pale ales with the latter carrying a lower alcohol content and are usually hoppier. American amber ale, blonde ale, American amber ale, and English pale ale are easy to drink, medium-bodies, and quite malty.


What are the reasons behind the popularity of online casinos?

Nowadays, people use the internet for all things and go online to make everything easy and comfortable. In other words, the internet provides you easy and quick solutions and helps you to save your time. Without a doubt, the internet is one of the best ways to know about the world and that’s why people use everything online at poker online terpercaya. They search for many things and they also go with online gaming. In other words, gaming is one of the best ways to enjoy life and there are many kinds of games are available. So, people use the way of online gaming to play online games.


Without a doubt, casinos are one of the best ways to know about different types of games. Many people go to casinos to enjoy their life and that’s why there is a digital form of the casino also available. This digital form is called by online casinos. Online casinos are similar to land casinos and you can similarly play different games. Many people love to play in casinos and that is why we are telling you the reason. So, in today’s article, we will tell you the reason behind the popularity of online casinos.

Following are some reasons for the popularity of casinos:


  1. Games:


People love to go to casinos and that’s why there is a digital form of the casino also available. If we talk about the popularity of online casinos then we can say its different games are the first and most important reason. In other words, people go to online casinos because these online casinos provide you different kinds of interesting games.


 You can play many games like bingo, blackjack, and roulette. So, this reason is enough for game lovers.


  1. Money points:


Without a doubt, gaming is the best source to forget about the problems of life and you can enjoy a different world through gaming. So, secondly, we can say that people play it for money points. In other words, casinos are popular for their money points and you can get money. After your winning in casino games casino gives you money points.


So, without a doubt, this point is actually enough to play in online casinos.


  1. Comfortable:


There are many games available in online casinos and that’s why many people love to play in online casinos. If we talk about the popularity of online casinos then we can say these are comfortable. In other words, you can play online casino games on your phone and laptops. So, this is also a main and good reason to play online casinos.


  1. Free games:


If we talk about this point then we can say it’s a very good reason to play these games. In other words, some time online casinos provide you with games for free. So, many people attract this profitable benefit and they play in these casinos.




So, without a doubt these all reasons are enough to make online casinos popular. You just need to play these games.

5 Menu Items Any Respectable Café Should Have

Caffeine sets you on a high with its aroma; so does the oozing cheese from the grilled burgers. There is no place as good as a café to escape into for an instant soul-soothing experience. A sip of coffee with ‘Can You Feel the Love’ to register the heat within you is undeniably the paradise everyone dreams of. The image changes when you are at the control of sending out brewed coffee and delectable pastries. You need to have an idea of how and what a café should be to appeal to the customers, of which the menu determines the life of your venture. Make sure to add the following items on your menu live casino malaysia to get your café to outshine the others on the street.

1.     Artisanal Coffee

The age of opting discount coffee packs for the morning refreshment is far gone. Artisanal coffee has replaced the economical mode of taking in caffeine in the takeaway cups. The Golden Ratio, smoothness, and supple microfoam define a good cup of artisanal coffee. Purchase a latte or hand-pressed coffee from Chye Seng Huat Hardware (a venture of Papa Palheta), and wait for the delight to spread all over you.

2.     Cupcakes


The tiny cakes collectively occupy the colorful shelves of confectionaries to allure kids and adults alike. Sweet-scented interiors of the café hold the magic to get the mouths of customers watering. Besides being vibrantly cute, cupcakes are also special for its feature of being easy to bake. Adding these to your menu will undoubtedly add color to it and guarantee patrons at your store.

3.     Eggs Benedict

American and English breakfast is quite common these days, of which the eggs benedict has become a staple in the cafes that offer American breakfast. Poached eggs, ham, and tangy hollandaise sauce topped on two halves of an English muffin make the delicate eggs benedict. Adding a base of orange brioche and a twist of pork belly gives the dish an extra condiment to bite into for the blend of infinite tastes.

4.     Open-Faced Sandwiches

Open-Faced Sandwiches

More than one reason calls out to you to add this dish on your menu. Open-faced sandwiches are one of the best items to be captured for a social media post, consequently generating more customers. It is another easy-to-prepare dish which demands a spot on the menu for its heavenly taste. Brioche bread topped with smoked salmon guacamole and truffle mushrooms makes the most basic and decent sandwich. Sprinkling capers, oregano, baked potatoes, onions, and cheese on top of the sandwich makes it even more crave-worthy.

5.     Rainbow Cake

This world-famous cake 12joker Malaysia has conquered hearts so much so that they keep wandering to stumble upon the best place that bakes the sweet rainbow. Six layers of striking colors one upon the other builds up to a chocolate topping that drips over the sides. The diabetic-friendly and vegan-friendly versions of the rainbow cake are also available in most cafes waiting for teeth to sink into it.


Etiquette in the Casino Lounge

Best Online Casino Gambling has always been exciting and enjoyable. The vibe at a land-based casino cannot be matched at an online casino. The stimulation, the gaming tables and the people around, the slots, and the noise give you an experience you can never forget.

However, there is a lot more to casinos than just fun and games.

There are some basic rules that casinos expect you to follow, and these rules together make what is commonly known as casino etiquette. These are general rules that are in place to make sure that the players maintain decorum inside the casino and avoid chaotic situations.

If you are at a casino, the least you can do is act like a professional and not some awe-struck amateur.

Essential Rules of Etiquette at a Land-Based Casino

There are a few crucial rules of etiquette at any Victory996 casino lounge that people are expected to follow. No doubt, different casinos have different sets of rules as well when it comes to etiquette. The following are some general rules of etiquette you are expected to follow at the casino lounge.

  1. Keep your mobile devices and gadgets switched off– Every land-based casino has this one rule that everyone has to follow, and there are no exceptions. Mobile phones and other gadgets are not allowed to be used or to be switched on in the gaming area. This is to ensure fair gaming and to prevent cheating in any form, by the players. Moreover, for security reasons, cameras are not allowed on the gaming floor.
  2. Tip the dealer– Tipping the dealer is an expected norm at most casinos. This does not happen after every hand, but it is a common practice to slip in an additional chip with what you wagered every now and then. This is seen as a token of appreciation for facilitating the game. You must tip the dealer regardless of whether you win or lose. Generally, the tip amount is shared by the casino staff that serve the table.
  3. Conform to the dress code– Most casinos have specific codes of conduct and a dress code that you should adhere to. Most of the top casinos today are okay with clothes that are casual business wear or even casuals. However, some items of clothing are not acceptable, like shorts and flip-flops. Many casinos do not allow hoodies and caps as well.
  4. Know your bet limits– This is a crucial element of casino etiquette. Know your bets before you sit to play at a gaming table. Following this is not too difficult as the minimum and maximum bets are generally displayed at the table.
  5. Know your game– Read up on the games you want to play before getting down to playing them at any land-based casino. Many casinos offer practise tables where you can take a shot at learning the games from the dealers. Go to the practise tables if you are new and be sure that you know what you are playing and how to play it.

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